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Tipper Truck Hire in Box Hill at Competitive Rates.

Tony Tipper & Digger is a licensed and registered company offering tipper hires near you to meet all your commercial needs. Our excavator tipper hire services are available round-the-year in Box Hill to solve your hauling, delivery and excavation requirements. We can promptly rent our excavator and dumper truck, among other heavy commercial vehicles and equipment, for your large, small and medium-scale projects.

Several of our esteemed clients and organisations already rely on our services, like site dumper hire, digger and tipper hire, etc., to obtain our consistently maintained & immaculate, heavy-duty vehicles. Likewise, you can count on us when you want an excavator and tipper hire service, along with its supporting machine & equipment. We also offer heavy & mini dump truck hire services for small or big timelines at affordable rates.

  • Heavy Duty Hauling : Hauling enormous loads of varied materials like soil, gravel, plant matter, etc., for long routes consistently and delivering them to specific locations demands the use of heavy equipment & vehicles. In such scenarios, our excavator truck hire, tipper truck hire, and truck and small digger hire services can remedy any crisis or delays while ensuring the materials are transported safely and timely.
  • Cost Efficient : It is not ideal to purchase heavy vehicles and equipment like excavators and tipper or dumper trucks for singular use. For such requirements, hiring them instead can save you money while keeping all the hassles away concerning their parking or storage. Paying significant repair costs is also a possibility when these heavy-duty automobiles aren’t maintained regularly. But you can trust Tony Tipper & Digger to offer you best-in-class & well-maintained vehicles.

  • Convenience: Hiring typical trucks as a replacement cannot be feasible for all projects, especially in challenging environments and conditions. For instance, tipper trucks for hire are better suited for unloading gravel as they are equipped with hydraulics to lift the rear load. Similarly, their manoeuvrability and operations are also better suited for backfilling, levelling, grading, and other tasks.

Excavator Tipper Truck Hire According to Your Industry & Land

Our quotes and prices at Tony Tipper & Digger will usually vary only as per the hired service and site location. Hence, you can always rely on us to get competitive deals whenever you need for-hire Excavator 3.8tonne , .We also offer Bobcat for hire, along with attachable like dozer blade and so on.

Should you have any queries regarding which tipper truck or any other heavy vehicle, equipment and supporting machinery would suit your needs, we can help you get the answers. Most projects, i.e. Small, Medium, and Large, have unique requirements, so it’s usually never a situation of one solution that fits all needs.

On such occasions, you can pick decisively by referring to the following applications fulfilled by our comprehensive tipper truck hire services.

Truck Hire

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We are pleased to offer you exciting discounts & deals when you choose Tony Tipper & Digger to hire excavators, dumpers and tipper trucks. Being among the leading professionals and specialists in the industry, we can assure you of a hassle-free experience. Please write to us at info@tonytipperanddigger.com.au, or give us a call today at 0469 846 389 to speak with our team right away!








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Working with the team from TONY was a pleasure. They were on time and on budget. Enquiries were followed up quickly and the workers were friendly and helpful. My experience was a very positive one and I would highly recommend this company.


Highly recommend Tony Tipper and Digger for tipper hire. Their well-maintained trucks and skilled team provide efficient and reliable service. Exceptional customer service sets them apart.


Tony Tipper and Digger provide top-notch excavation services. Their skilled team and well-maintained equipment deliver efficient and reliable service. Highly recommend.